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A completely different way to get published.

Our goal is to help you shine!

When you work with our publishing team, you join a partnership of visionaries and creatives who aim to make positive change in the world through the power of words! 


With personalized, one-on-one attention, we focus on offering you an easy, friendly, and affordable path to getting published. 


Unlike other publishing services that focus on shuttling their clients through a publishing assembly line, our authors get the full attention they deserve.


As a selected author for our program, you become part of our publishing team, working directly with project manager Becky Magnolia, your personal fairy book mother.


As an author and book creator herself, Becky fully understands the inherent joy that comes from creating your own book. She also knows how overwhelming the process can be for people new to the publishing world; thus, she aims to make publishing a smooth, joyful, and fun adventure.


We work with you to create a book that is truly yours!

What we offer...

-One-on-one consultations

-Creative and constructive inspiration 

-Custom-designed book covers

-Professional quality interior book layouts

-Professional editing services

-Setup on the publishing platform of your choice 

-Membership in an elite team of authors who have worked with us to create a book they are proud of

-Support all along the way

What is Author-Focused Publishing?

Author-Focused Publishing is a completely new way to publish your books. 


Created in concept by author Becky Magnolia and editor Karin Nicely, we've developed a way for authors to have complete control of their publishing process without the headaches of having to manage the project themselves.  


As author-focused publishers,  Becky and Karin recognize the client as the driving force behind the creative process. When you hire our team, Becky works directly with you as your personal publishing concierge, removing the stress and pressure often associated with self-publishing, so you can focus on what's important—getting your words into the world.  


Your finished product will have the look and feel of a traditionally published book, designed exactly to your specifications. And best of all, all royalties and rights belong to you!

We'd love to include you in our publishing team!

What people are saying...

"If it were not for Becky, I would not be a published author today. You will be in kind and capable hands."

 -Bob Pritchard, Author of Her Puerto Rican Smile

"Hiring Becky to format The Creative Real Estate Agent was a brilliant choice for my self-published book. Don't think twice about working with Becky Magnolia for your next project – you won't be disappointed.

 -Anastasia Forrest, Author of The Creative Real Estate Agent

"Becky has worked with Mackenzie every step of the way to help her get from writing a book to actually publishing one...Without her none of this would be where it is at today.

-Pamela Wheat, mother of 13-year-old Mackenzie Wheat, Author of Kala

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