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 Becky Magnolia

"I have seen time and time again when we do the diligent work of translating our experiences into words, we tap into a deep human power that can not only heal ourselves but the collective as well." 

With a passion for storytelling and a gift for delving into the depths of the human experience, Becky encourages people to share their most human truths.

Ms. Magnolia is the creator and owner of Magnolia Moonrise Publications and is the author of fifteen books and an intuitive card game titled "The Unbound Adventure".  Known around town as "The Fairy Book Mother", Becky helps writers realize their dreams of becoming published authors.

In her most recent project, an anthology titled Resilience: How We Heal, Becky brought together a talented group of authors from across the country to explore the transformative power of the human spirit. The end result was a small but potent book of stories featuring the art of renowned artist Renee Simpson.

Becky currently lives in Northeastern Florida. 

Contact -

Email: becky (at)

Text: (904) 325-6758


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