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What have you learned on your life journey?
What wisdom have you gained?

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In this unique collection of poetry, short stories, and illustrations twenty-two writers and one visual artist share their diverse, raw, and honest reflections on their personal paths to healing. The result is a collection of vibrant and touching personal stories designed to inspire anyone facing the exceptional challenges of being human on planet Earth.

Join author Becky Magnolia and artist Renee Simpson as they share the healing journeys of new and seasoned writers, celebrating together the ways everyday people learn and grow from the greatest of life's challenges.

About the Collaborators-


Becky Magnolia is the author of fourteen books and the creator of the Unbound Adventure Deck. She uses her twenty years of experience in the writing world to help writers realize their dream of becoming published authors. 

Renee Simpson has been painting wildly since the early 1990s. Her work has appeared in galleries all over the country, featuring a style that ranges from whimsical to soulful. For the anthology, she will be featuring a new abstract series titled "Resilience"

Karin Nicely has been working as a professional editor for more than twenty-five years, carefully polishing and perfecting each client’s work while embracing their unique voice and style. She specializes in developmental and line editing for independent authors and is the owner of Seren Publishing.

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