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Empower Yourself with the Magic of Words

Who Are We
Paper Craft

Welcome to the Adventure! 

What you have embarked upon is, in essence, an unbound book, a “choose your own adventure” that provides you the opportunity to explore your inner truths, find answers within and celebrate the great mysteries of life.   Included with this book is a deck of magical cards, adorned with thirty-two simple, yet potent words that are ready to be harnessed, explored, and set loose into the world by the spark of your own curiosity.


In this book I will give you some guidance, a springboard of inspiration, however, the power ultimately is within you. It’s up to you how deep you want to go in your exploration. The options are endless. The choice is yours.


I have selected a collection of words that have power, each with the ability to create strong sensations, connections, and feelings from within. Like laying bricks along our own personalized yellow brick road, from these words you get to move forward, creating a deeper understanding of who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you want to go.


I encourage you as you embark, to channel your inner adventurer, let go of seeking the “right” answers and just tap into the great vein of life. Now is the time to release yourself from external rules and just let things flow. 


Rather than offering you a linear path like a traditional book, I offer you a series of choices along the way. This book and these cards are yours to explore, develop and forge your own trajectory. 

To begin with, I offer you a choice

Go ahead and choose where you’d like to go first…

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