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Publishing Packages

“Frolicking with the Fairies" Package

So, here you are! You’re feeling feisty and excited. You’ve reviewed your manuscript again and again, sought outside sources for input, and now you are confident that your words are ready for print.


This low-cost package is best for clients who are looking solely for design work and aren’t seeking additional assistance from an editor.


Package Includes:

  • Completed paperback ready for publishing and retail sale on Amazon 

  • Unique and personalized cover design

  • Professionally designed interior layout

Pricing starts at $500

“Friends by the Fireside” Package

Like the wise and gentle friend who sits by a campfire, ready to tell her stories, this fireside publishing package gives the writer a crackling opportunity to share their message with the people they know and love.  


With less emphasis on deep edits and marketing, this affordable package is best for those writers who wish to create a legacy with their work, share their creations with friends and family, and become a published author.  


This option is ideal for first-time novelists, storytellers, memoir writers, and spiritual-journey writers.


Package Includes:

  • Completed paperback ready for publishing and retail sale on Amazon 

  • Proofreading by a professional editor

  • Unique and personalized cover design

  • Professionally designed interior layout

Pricing starts at $800

"The Storytellers Quest” Package

Clients who choose this package are truly excited to share their books with the world. They have already worked long and hard on creating a strong manuscript and are now ready to prepare it for publication. 


The authors who choose this package know that making a good book requires hard work and refinement and are willing to work with an editor to help perfect their work.


This package is best for creative nonfiction writers, novelists, and creators of inspirational, spiritual, and educational books who plan to sell to a wider market.


Package Includes:

  • Two one-on-one creative coaching sessions with Becky 

  • Completed paperback and ebook, ready for publishing and retail sale on Amazon, 

  • Complete and thorough line editing and proofreading by professional editor Karin Nicely

  • Unique and personalized cover design

  • Publisher-quality interior layout

  • A feature on the Fairy Book Mother’s blog and social media pages

Pricing starts at $2600

"The Noble Navigator" Package

This package is for creatives who are still in the developmental process of writing their books and/or are seeking one-on-one coaching to help inspire and motivate them.


Writers who choose this package have entered the magical realm of writing a book but haven't fully completed their manuscript. They're either feeling stuck or have a desire to make their writing even better. 

Authors who choose this package work directly with both Becky and Karin to build their storytelling and technical skills, including: Manuscript review of story structure, style, character development, guidance on time management, and creative collaboration


Package includes:

  • 3 one-hour writing coaching/brainstorming sessions with author Becky Magnolia

  • 1 hour session and manuscript review with Karin

  • 10% discount on future package purchases when ready to publish


Package Price -$500

"The Merry Marketing Minstral" Package

This package is for authors who would like assistance with marketing


You've made a great book, now you want to spread the word. You're a go-getter, but new to book marketing. Thus you desire strategies and guidance to help your message be heard. 


Included in this package are two hours of personalized assistance in the fundamentals of book marketing including assistance in the following areas: social media marketing, web design, press releases, video creation, and podcasting.

Package Price - $250


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