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“The Fire Eater” - Meet Summer Snail.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Manifestation. Love and Light. Good vs. Evil. Meeting the Darkness.

At the youthful age of twenty-six, Summer “Snail” is a force to be reckoned with. Her lean and muscular body, adorned in tattoos tells the story of her vivid, intense, and wild life. Part girl, part pirate, part punk little fairy, Summer dives into life with a fearlessness that matches few people I have met.

And here I am, a fifty-year-old woman, who spent most of her life in the cool, protected suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin, often afraid of life beyond my protected walls. I often ask how I got here, sharing this property with this marvelous “child”, whose life stories feel almost savage compared to my upbringing behind the castle walls. For this one magical year, Summer and I are living together; she in her tired, old camper, and me with my daughter, staying nearby in Summer’s parent’s beautiful house overlooking the rich and flowing Matanzas river.

We are all living the life of our dreams.

This section of Northeastern Florida was once wild, seeded with the same type of gun-toting folk that I, raised as a good Jewish liberal, was taught to fear and disdain. Living here now though, knowing Summer and her family, I see the unique, exquisite beauty of it all.

It’s a strange thing to watch the true Florida, backwoods culture give way to gated communities and wine bars that serve cheese with figs. The big city North is now blending with the South.

However, it is in this space of transition, between two worlds that sweet Summer and I have met - two playful humans, both living out our own, unique versions of “life on the edge”, experiencing existence to the fullest as everyday mystics, savoring the beauty of this crazy human life.

On the night of this recording, as the river flowed beneath us, we sat on the dock. With a cigarette in hand, a bottle of wine, and “Skidmark”, her loyal dog by her side, Summer shares her perspectives on nature of good and evil, manifestation, love and light...and the trials tribulations of having to choose between a hot surfer guy and her ex-boyfriend at a music festival. :)

I love this girl...and what a great way to begin my "research" into the Secrets of an Everyday Mystic. To continue following the adventures be sure to subscribe to my page. Thank you!

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