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If You Meet Ram Dass on the Road....

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

A funny memory just popped up on Facebook.

Five years ago I was supposed to fly to Maui to stay in Ram Dass' guest house for a week and hang out with him and his people. Several days before I was to get on the plane I found out a hurricane of mass proportions was heading up the center of Florida.

Something clicked in me. It was weird. I asked myself "Why would I leave my family and travel across oceans to find the answers when everything I needed was here (now!), within me, within every person I met, in every situation I found myself in. I needed to stay and face the storm.

So I wrote Ram Dass and told him just this. I never got to meet this great teacher.

Five years since have passed. Ram Dass has left his body. I've gone through a divorce, I've bought and sold houses, wrote and published books, and cried more than I ever thought possible... In those five years I have faced more storms than I can count...but through all of the noise has been THIS!


This grace, this moment, this golden truth that whispers in my ear every moment of every day "Isn't it grand?...isn't it grand?"

I've learned Ram Dass' lessons without meeting him because, in the end, it wasn't about him at all. It was about letting go again and again and again, learning the fine and delicate art of diving in deep and allowing the swirling waters to take me straight to the center of the storm. I needed to get tossed around, spit out, and then emerge right here where I am right at this moment...wet and wild...a creature of it all.

Thank you Baba RD!

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