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Finding Home...

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Every morning I sit on my dock with a simple breakfast that I make for myself and gaze at the other shore, where right now the huge magnolias are in bloom. Sometimes I see osprey, and foxes.. deer...and dolphins! I may arrive to the dock heavy with thoughts from the night before but something about the breeze and the bird's song, and the refraction of light off the river draws that pain from me, a cool Buddha-like smile comes to my face and I know bliss. Even in times when I haven't lived near water, I did a similar practice. Quite honestly, I still often get caught up in all sorts of drama and angst during my days, sometimes feeling hopeless, but this practice reminds me that love is always patiently waiting. There's something quite magical about feeling lost and then finding your way back home. I'm always grateful for my return.

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