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Already holy

Sometimes I try to be all magical and holy. It's a funny game of trying to channel some higher energy and it never works. I dance about and raise my arms, set the mood, play the right songs and it always ends up feeling like trying. The funny thing is I think we're all already magical and holy and special and pure. It's not something we get from wearing special beads or burning sage or chanting some special prayer...those things may help, for sure, but our real holiness is already here, in our waking up in the our making the bed (or in my case not making the bed). It comes in every motion we make. The only choice we have in the matter is whether we allow space to honor our own divinity. Can we see our preciousness? Can we see the grand, holy miracle that is already US? Can we drop the anger, the rage, the sense of victimhood and simply smile at the crazy, messy IS-ness that is already here?

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