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True Stories of Wonder, Magic,
& Personal Transformation

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Hi there!  

My name is Becky Magnolia.

Send me your stories!

I'm the founder of Magnolia Moonrise Publishing, an itsy-bitsy publishing company with a BIG vision.

My next book project, titled This Magical Life: Stories of Wonder, Magic, and Personal Transformation is starting to bloom, but to make it happen I need your stories.

I am currently seeking true tales from everyday people about those strange, synchronistic, unexplainable, mystical life events that many of us encounter but don't always share.  Through our collective stories, I aim to create an anthology that opens a portal of curiosity that encourages us to peer in together and say, “Whoa…what a magical, wonderful, curious life this is.

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And now for a personal story...

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As a journalist and an author, I've been writing about the paranormal for over two decades, but for most of my life, I kept my belief in magic a secret. I pushed it down, denied it, and kept it hidden away for fear that I would be judged or called crazy.


And yet secretly I kept believing. 

My ears would perk up when someone would talk about the afterlife, angels, spirits, synchronicities, or perfectly timed gestures from friends.


The truth is, I was seeing magic all the time. I was getting nudged daily in funny, playful, and sometimes profound ways.


It was time to start listening!

I have since started noticing little “sparks” of magic all around me, cosmic nudges showing me just where I need to go. All I had to do was lean into the possibility that this world might be more...much more than we've been told. 


When we make just a small shift in perception, a gateway opens. The portal to our hearts expands, and we make room for a very special, vast, and mysterious kind of joy. I have seen it time and time again. Regardless of one's background, religion, or belief system, when we get quiet, drop our pretenses, and pay attention Love has a miraculous way of sneaking in.

I'm now on a mission to share this truth with others.


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Got a story?
Just click this little button and share your whimsical, powerful, awe-inspiring story with me!

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